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Welcome to Organized.

Choosing a professional organizer can be scary.  We know.  Relax.  Kristin has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life.  She is professional, compassionate, confidential and creative in her approach. 

Meet Kristin

"I feel so accomplished when you leave"
Irene B.    Selbyville, Delaware

"My office will be very psyched to see you!"
Sara F.     Boston, Massachusetts

"I can see more floor!"
Paulette H.      Dorchester, Massachusetts

"Kristin is like a personal trainer for my stuff."
Debbie F.       Needham, Massachusetts

“Now the kids go to their room and know how to organize!  It's the greatest gift we ever gave them."

Russell F.   Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Kristin was amazing - especially for me being a pregnant first time mom... getting the nursery together!"

Mairen B.     Berlin, Maryland

When Kristin arrives, she quickly helps me sort the paper and other objects that have floated in, finds a place for them all, then helps me to arrange rooms so that I can manage my life.

Shirley M.     Brighton, Massachusetts

Let's do this.  You've been putting it off long enough right?  That 'extra' room, that pile of papers, that project.  Simplify will be like a professional teammate for you.  It will get done, faster than you'd think. (And it might even be FUN!)


 A Sneak Peek at some results, the process and the aftermath (donations).

Good organization brings continuity, function, flow, and beauty to a living space, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a rambling country estate.

A typical project includes these services:

S i m p l i f y

One Corner at a time

What Clients Say About Us

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  • Free Consultation
  • De-cluttering and Re-purposing
  • Setting up Systems
  • Labeling and Filing
  • Donation of unwanted items

"Working with Kristin has been a dream.  After a few moves over the years, and almost a full year in our current house, we still felt like we hadn't really unpacked all the way, and gotten organized...

Kristin was amazing.  At her direction we took an objective look at the contents of each room, and reorganized everything in ways that would never have occurred to me.  She worked on both a macro and micro level....Then she dove in and implemented a system...of how things got used, rather than what they are...and now it's so much easier to put things away and find places to put new things!

Kristin loves what she does, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  As someone who likes to be organized, the concept of what needs to be done makes sense;  actually figuring out WHERE TO START can be DAUNTING.  Even one box of 'odds and ends' would cause me anxiety.  After a few hours of Kristin's help, I no longer had 'junk' with no place to go.  I had tidy drawers and shelves and storage systems with easy access.  As someone who does not like to spend my limited free time on chores, I would highly recommend Kristin to organize and cut down on work!"